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Self Aligning Ball Bearing

Self Aligning Ball Bearing

In the Self Aligning Ball Bearings, the inner ring possesses two of the raceways and the outer ring possesses the one spherical raceway and its center of curvature actually coincides with the axis of the bearing itself. This facilitates the inner ring’s axis, balls along with the cage to deflect around the center of the bearings itself. This leads to the correction of the misalignment which is being caused due to the housing, shaft machining or the installation error. Are you looking for the premium Self Aligning Ball Bearings Suppliers in Kolkata? Then you can trust us as your bearings partner as we possess the requisite knowledge and experience which is needed to meet all your expectations.

Bearing Features

1) Accommodate static and dynamic misalignment

The bearings are self-aligning like spherical roller bearings or CARB bearings.

2) Excellent high-speed performance

Self-aligning ball bearings generate less friction than any other type of rolling bearing, which enables them to run cooler even at high speeds.

3)Minimum maintenance

Due to low heat generation the bearing temperature is lower, leading to extended bearing life and maintenance intervals.

4)Low friction

Very loose conformity between balls and outer ring keeps friction and frictional heat at low levels.

5) Excellent light load performance

Self-aligning ball bearings have low minimum load requirements.

6) Low noise

Self-aligning ball bearings can reduce noise and vibrations levels, for example, in fans.

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